How To Handle Criticism?

How To Handle Criticism?

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Criticism is difficult to handle. None of us likes to hear the bitter truth about our mistakes and inabilities. But we face Criticism in life everyday and cannot escape it. We also v others so we know that it is a two way street. How to handle Criticism?

What To Do When We are Criticized?

Listen to the criticism and before you react to it, think about your strengths. That will give you positive input and make you ready to face the criticism squarely. Even if it is true that will give you the strength to face and do something about it other than an angry retort. Otherwise we may begin feeling angry and sometimes worthless.

Content of criticism-

Is the criticism true? Or it is misinterpretation of the facts? You may at times set aside your fears 스포츠중계 and emotions and look at the situation clearly. If need be ask the other person more details and their beliefs. Probably they believe something different than you. Once you talk to them and ask them about what can be done you will be on path to recovery rather than destruction.

The truth-

We criticize others. We believe that to be true. Similarly somebody criticizing us may feel that they are...

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